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Reproducible and Sensitive Assays using 3- and 6-colour Crystal Digital PCR™ for Detecting Point Mutations in Human Breast Cancer

Authors: Jordan Madic, Trisha Dhawan, Cécile Jovelet, Jean Fatien, Julien [...]

Webinar: Digital PCR Method Development for Accurate Quantification of Copy Number Variations

Speaker Alexandra Whale is the Science Leader for Nucleic Acid [...]

Webinar: Digital PCR for Tag Copy Number Assessment in CRISPR-Edited Cell Lines, November 2019

Speaker Andrea Callegari and Moritz Kueblbeck are Research Technicians in [...]

Digital PCR Systems to help fight coronavirus outbreak in China

With researchers investigating the coronavirus across the world, digital PCR [...]

Webinar: History of digital PCR: (r)evolution in genetic testing & analysis, September 25th 2019

Speaker Wim trypsteen is a Postdoctoral Researcher & Assisting Academic [...]

Digital PCR workshop at L’ecole de L’ADN at Nimes, France from 24-27th September 2019

L'ecole de L'ADN is conducting a 3-day workshop on Digital [...]

Liquid Biopsies EMBL course from 23-28th September, 2019 in Heidelberg, Germany

EMBL is conducting a 6-day course on Liquid Biopsies at [...]

Extensive Workshop for HIV Reservoir Characterization at University Hospital Ghent, 18-20 September 2019

An extensive hands-on training workshop on HIV characterization is being [...]

Current Methods in Cell Biology EMBO Practical Course from 8-17th September, 2019 in Heidelberg, Germany

A 10-day EMBO course, supported by European Molecular Biology Laboratory [...]

Quantitative analysis of pork and chicken products by droplet digital PCR

Yicun Cai, Xiang Li, Rong Lv, Jielin Yang, Jian Li, Yuping He, and Liangwen Pan BioMed Research [...]