Wim trypsteen is a Postdoctoral Researcher & Assisting Academic Staff at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Ghent University. Dr. Trypsteen is also a co-ordinator of the Ghent University Digital PCR consortium which focuses on developing digital PCR assays and data analysis tools.

Wim Trypsteen graduated in 2012 as Master of Biomedical Sciences, in 2017 as Bachelor in Bioinformatics and obtained his PhD in Health Sciences in 2018. During his PhD he evaluated the potential of ddPCR for HIV reservoir quantification and developed a new statistical framework for ddPCR threshold determination.


This Webinar will  outline the evolution of Digital PCR technology through the decades and the revolution it has brought in genetic analysis and nucleic acid quantification. The talk will also cover different applications currently being used in Digital PCR and the potential future applications. Moreover, Wim will be speaking about his research on HIV and his results from a 3-color multiplexed Crystal Digital PCR™ using  the Naica System from Stilla Technologies.

From this webinar participants can:

  • Discover the history and milestones in Digital PCR technology evolution;
  • Know more about the various applications of Digital PCR;
  • Learn how 3-color Crystal Digital PCR™ can be used for HIV detection and quantification