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Effect of Source of DNA on the Quantitative Analysis of Genetically Engineered Traits Using Digital PCR and Real-Time PCR

Authors: Demeke Tigst, Malabanan Jemima; Holigroski Michelle; Eng Monika Journal:  Journal of AOAC [...]

Quantitative analysis of pork and chicken products by droplet digital PCR

Yicun Cai, Xiang Li, Rong Lv, Jielin Yang, Jian Li, Yuping He, and Liangwen Pan BioMed Research [...]

Quality control of digital PCR assays and platforms

Matthijs Vynck, Jo Vandesompele, Olivier Thas Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, October 2017, Volume 409, Issue 25 Digital polymerase chain [...]