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Reproducible and Sensitive Assays using 3- and 6-colour Crystal Digital PCR™ for Detecting Point Mutations in Human Breast Cancer

Authors: Jordan Madic, Trisha Dhawan, Cécile Jovelet, Jean Fatien, Julien [...]

Locked nucleic acids in PCR primers increase sensitivity and performance

Authors: K.N.Ballantyneab, R.A.H.van Oorschota, R.J.Mitchell Published: March 2008 The incorporation [...]

Design of primers and probes for quantitative real-time PCR methods.

Authors: Alicia RodríguezMar RodríguezJuan J. CórdobaMaría J. Andrade Published: January [...]

An introduction to peptide nucleic acid.

Authors: Peter E. Nielsen and Michael Egholm Published: 1999 Peptide [...]

Measuring Digital PCR Quality: Performance Parameters and Their Optimization

Authors: A. Lievens,* S. Jacchia, D. Kagkli, C. Savini, and M. Querci Journal:  PLOS One [...]

Towards standardisation of cell-free DNA measurement in plasma: controls for extraction efficiency, fragment size bias and quantification

Authors: Alison S. Devonshire, Alexandra S. Whale, Alice Gutteridge, Gerwyn Jones, Simon Cowen, Carole A. [...]

Employing Digital Droplet PCR to Detect BRAF V600E Mutations in Formalin-fixed Paraffin-embedded Reference Standard Cell Lines

Authors: Nirmal Rajasekaran, 1 Myung Ryurl Oh, 3 Sung-Su Kim, 1 Si Eun Kim, 3 Young Deug Kim, 4 Hyun-Jeung [...]

Akonni TruTip® and Qiagen® Methods for Extraction of Fetal Circulating DNA – Evaluation by Real-Time and Digital PCR

Authors: Rebecca C. Holmberg, Alissa Gindlesperger, Tinsley Stokes,  David Lopez,  Lynn Hyman, [...]

Effect of Source of DNA on the Quantitative Analysis of Genetically Engineered Traits Using Digital PCR and Real-Time PCR

Authors: Demeke Tigst, Malabanan Jemima; Holigroski Michelle; Eng Monika Journal:  Journal of AOAC [...]

Comparison of methods for circulating cell-free DNA isolation using blood from cancer patients: impact on biomarker testing.

Clara Pérez-Barrios, Irene Nieto-Alcolado, María Torrente, Carolina Jiménez-Sánchez, Virginia Calvo, Lourdes Gutierrez-Sanz, Magda Palka, Encarnación Donoso-Navarro, Mariano [...]