Statistical tools - Limit of Blank / Limit of Detection

This tool automatically estimates the Limit Of Blank (LOB) and the Limit Of Detection (LOD) for a target gene, given a set negative control (at least 30 replicates are recommended) and a confidence level.
Besides, it provides additional LOB and LOD values for the cases where the sample to be tested will be loaded in several wells. Such a replicate pooling strategy allows to gain detection sensitivity.

To learn more about LOD and LOB for digital PCR, have a look at the item LOB & LOD definition.

Below is an example of common usage. Download it and follow the steps to get your results.

How to use the tool ?

  1. Get the template
  2. Complete the file with your information
  3. Post the completed file and click Submit to automatically download results

1 -Download the template

Get an example

2 - Select data

3 - Get results