An extensive hands-on training workshop on HIV characterization is being organized at the University Hospital Ghent. This three-day long workshop will span the various aspects of HIV quantification methods used currently.

These assays, PCR, qPCR, digital PCR and cell-based assays, are integral to the therapeutic monitoring and drug development strategies for HIV. An introduction to ex vivo viral outgrowth assays will also be provided. other topics that will be covered include, clinical utilization of the biological assays and clinical significance of HIV markers; Clonal expansion and integration sites of HIV persistence. immunological assays for cellular and humoral immune system potency assessment of the host will be covered for the first time in this workshop.

Additionally, the participants will be trained by renowned experts on the intricacies of a digital PCR experiment using the Naica™ system (Stilla Technologies) to quantify HIV.

Details of the workshop can be found here