TATAA Biocenter, Europe’s leading provider of  hands-on training services in molecular analyses, and Stilla technologies, a Paris-based European provider of the Naica™ system dedicated to advancing the development of the dPCR applications, are organizing a free hands-on dPCR workshop where participants can interact with experts in the dPCR field, learn how to perform experiments using the Naica system, and learn how to analyze and present data obtained from a dPCR experiment.

This workshop is also offering an opportunity to the participants to test their own samples*!


From 9:30 am to 6:00 pm in Gothenburg (Sweden)


9.30 am: Course registration

10.00 am: “The unique strengths and advantages of Digital PCR” by Mikael Kubista (Professor, CEO & Founder of TATAA Biocenter)

11.00 am: Coffee break

11.30 am: “Discover the simplicity of digital PCR with the Naica System” by Sébastien Avizou (Application Specialist at Stilla Technologies)

12.30 am: Lunch break

2.00 pm: Hands-on digital PCR experiment set-up in the lab (mix preparation and loading mix in the Sapphire chips)

2.30 pm: Advanced training: dPCR applications and software training

4.10 pm: Coffee break

4.40 pm: Reading and data analysis

5.30 pm: Round-table discussion: impressions, feedback and applications of the Naica System

6.00 pm: End of course

Register here 

*Offer valid for the first 3 registrants: email sarah.jemai@stilla.fr